What We Offer

Unique ability to secure highly detailed insights and information on transportation markets, competition, and client growth opportunities through surveys, interviews, and secondary data which our clients are usually unable to self assemble in required time frames.
Types of Assignments

New product interest and acceptance. Competitive (multiple company) profiling. Pre-acquisition due diligence. Global expansion strategy. Customer attitudes and satisfaction. Key system capabilities and features-importance ranking analysis. Customer support and service preferences.
Transportation Markets

Automotive, trucking, transit, commuter rail, highways, maritime (ports, harbors); intermodal. US DOT (FAA, FHWA, FRA, FTA, MARAD, NHTSA), international transportation agencies; state, regional and local agencies; private operators; public safety.
Analysis and Output

Is this opportunity real? Will it generate a differentiated margin? Can we win? Market entry strategy? Manufacturing path? What constitutes a demonstrable value improvement for the end-user? Achievable sales, market share, and growth? Expected competitive response?
Research Methodologies

In-person interviews. In-depth telephone surveys. Secondary data analysis. Financial analysis (revenues, operating margin, key attractiveness features). Patent searches and surveys. Industry trends and profiles. Government budget and contracts analysis.
Depth and Credentials

Established in 1989, headquarters north of Boston. Staff of 12 research analysts with broad transportation market expertise. Clients: Alcoa, Boeing, L-3, Goodrich, ITT, Lord Corporation, Rockwell Collins, United Technologies, others. 

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